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Rico "The Maltese Assassin" Buttigieg

This is the most comfortable mouthguard I have ever worn. It is well designed for any sport that deals with contact.  As a MMA Fighter I needed the "Best" that was out there.  I only have one set of teeth and I want to keep them intact for after my career is complete. I contacted the guys from Smartguards and started to create the type of mouthguard different than the "other" types which I have used in the past. I found the "other" mouthguards to be too chunky and not comfortable at all.  It was too hard to breath, talk and fell out when I needed it to stay in my mouth. Being a fighter from Ontario, I also wanted to contribute to a business in my province.  Once I received my custom Smartguard Mouthguard, it fit in perfectly like it was made for just me. That's because it was. And I love it!