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Who's Wearing

Craig Temple

"There's simply nothing I would change about this mouthguard. They're perfect, they do the job they are supposed to do, and while wearing it, I completely forget it's there. They are much, *much* less annoying than the boil-n-bite mouthguards I've tried (I've had a fair number of those, even the supposedly 'better breathing' ones)."

Denis Mayer

"This is one of the mouthguard[s] I ever bought"

Elias The Spartan Theodorou

"Smartguard mouth guards have helped keep both my chin and record unscathed. I am confident going in the cage each fight because of the protection of my smile."

Hockey Mouth Guard

First day with mouth guard, he had two games and got two hat tricks. Clearly thanks to Smartguards and Fox40 Sick Mouthguards!!


"The Smartguard is easy to breathe through, where actually I barely notice it in my mouth. Communication is only slightly hindered. Very comfortable and easy to keep clean. Now I have not been all out socked, but I have caught several elbows and knee's in the mouth grappling and the guard has done an amazing job thus far. I have also noticed just how much I actually clench my jaw when sparring and grappling! Something I had not noticed before. Again this guard is amazing in helping with that issue."

Russell Miller

"As a fighter who competes in MMA, Muay Thai and BJJ.  It was extremely important to find the right mouthguard,that would be affordable and offer the right protection.  I've been wearing Smartguard Mouthguards since 2008 and I have loved each and every guard, they've made for me. Their guards are comfortable, durable, and protective and look great.  They really have a fun sense of style. I love that all my guards are one of a kind. Thanks for all the years of protection!!"

Tan Nguyen

"Thanks to Smartguards Mouthguards for my new mouthguard. If you want to protect your teeth in a contact sport, I highly recommend smartguard, use them for many years."