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Ordering the Smartguards kit for Custom Mouthguards

Smartguards Mouthguards can now be purchased online. They are available in North America only. Smartguards Mouthguards have a do-it-yourself impression kit that allows the athlete to take their own impression and mail it to the Smartguards Mouthguards Production Lab. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions on taking the impression, 2 set's of putty and 3 different trays sizes (for finding the size that fits the athlete’s mouth best). There are many colors and designs to choose from or design your own.

Smartguards Mouthguards are a pressure laminated mouthguard; this type of mouthguard represents leading-edge technology in custom protection. They are layered under pressure to give the best overall protection and fit. These mouthguards will fit tighter and last longer than other mouthguards. The athlete will be able to talk, breathe and concentrate on their sport without having to worry about your mouthguard falling out.

How to use your Impression Kit

Ordering a Mouthguard

When you're ready to order a Mouthguard, fill out our mouthguard order form.

Options available

Order a second guard with your impression kit and you'll get it 50% off original price. Discount applies only when both guards are for the same person.

The Smartguard Order Process


Order The Perfect Fit

Pick your mouth guard type and have a self-impression kit (with pre-paid return label) shipped right to your door.


Take Your Impression

Take your self-impression using our step-by-step guide and send it directly to our labs using the included pre-paid shipping label provided with your self-impression kit.


Receive And Wear

Your custom fit Guard is made in Canada at our labs and shipped back to you within 2-3 weeks. No appointments. No waiting rooms. It really is that easy.


Why should I wear a custom night-guard vs an over the counter night-guard from my local drug store?

The over the counter night guards are generic, one size fits all type of guards. They’re made with inferior quality material and never mold to fit quite right. Since they don’t fit properly, they move around and do not do the job they are intended to do


Should I order an upper or a lower guard?

The majority of night guards are worn on top. They fit most comfortably and don’t interfere with your tongue. However, we do make night guards for the bottom. If you’re missing teeth, or you are awaiting dental treatment on your top teeth, you may prefer a lower guard.

Why do I have to take both an upper and lower impression?

To ensure the most comfortable fit, we need to see how your top and bottom teeth naturally fit together when you bite down. Since the night guard acts as a pad between your top and bottom teeth, we want to make sure all teeth are touching evenly.

Can a child wear a night-guard?

We recommend that children are at least 16 years of age before wearing a custom night guard due to the fact that our jaw continues to grow. We would not want to restrict any jaw growth.

How long will it take to receive my night-guard? 

Once we receive your impressions back in our lab, turn around time will be approximately 1 week until we send your finished guard back to you.

Do you take dental insurance?

Unfortunately, we do not take dental insurance. However, if you have a flex spending account through your insurance company, you can try submitting our receipt for reimbursement.

I have an existing mold of my teeth, can I use that for my night-guard?


We ask that you go through our impression process as the fit of your night guard is dependant on the accuracy of a current impression.

Are sleep shields comparable to a night-guard I would get from my dentist?

Absolutely, we use the exact same process and materials used in dental labs across North America.

Why is it so much cheaper than what my dentist quoted me? 

We are able to offer our night guards much cheaper than your dentist because we are selling directly to you. When a dentist sells you a night guard, you are paying both the lab fee and the dentist’s fee.