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EJC Dentistry Dr. Jan Chithalen

To Dave Foxcroft 
President of Fox 40 International


Smartguards and Fox40 have a partnership mouthguard brand names Sick Mouthguards   

As a member and executive board member of the international organization, The Academy of Sports Dentistry, I have a very solid understanding of what is available and desirable for the best protection of the athletes that I work with on all levels of sport, so when I was advised by the Athletic Therapist for the Hamilton Tigercats, that there was another gentleman being suggested to make the teams mouthguards, I was both concerned and apprehensive. 

I took the opportunity to reach out to the contact I was provided and had a good conversation with Darren, the man behind “SmartGuards” and discovered that he is using the same process to fabricate the mouthguards that would be provided to the members of the Tiger-Cats. I was very pleased! 

Working with Daren was easy and professional. He was flexible with his availability and able to help and collect impressions either during or very soon after they were taken and was able to take some himself and with the help of his team.

The guards that were made are FANTASTIC! Daren made 2 Custom, heat-laminated Sport Mouthguards for each and every player on the Tiger-Cat roster. One was black with the Ti-Cat logo, the other was anything they wanted from his catalog of designs. This was GENIUS! I fit and balanced all of the Mouthguards for the players, and the all LOVED them, particularly the ones they had been able to customize the design.

I feel that this has been a win-win- win situation for the whole organization! The players like their Mouthguards and are more likely to wear them. They are made of the best materials and of the highest quality that is recommended by our Academy and I, as the Dentist responsible for their oral health, feel they offer the best protection available. 

I would like to enthusiastically thank FOX40 and Smartguards for their commitment to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and their involvement in providing this pinnacle of protection. Daren and I have continued our teamwork providing other higher level teams such as junior hockey and university football with these high end guards.  

I would like to commend Daren on his excellent work and professionalism and mention how easy this year has been for me and my office, knowing the quality of the product that is being provided to the players. I hope we can continue to work at this level for the organization. 

Please let me know if I can provide any further information or assistance. I am grateful for your involvement.  


E. Jan Chithalen B.Sc., D.D.S.

Dentist for Tigercats, Bulldogs, Toronto Rock

EJC Dentistry
118 Stinson Street
Hamilton, ON
L8N 1S5